Royal Roads at 25: Evolving with the times

Carla Wilson

President Philip Steenkamp was interviewed by the Times Colonist’s Carla Wilson about Royal Roads University’s 25th anniversary and its future, including a proposed new post-secondary campus on the West Shore, and the future of learning and work.  

Here’s an excerpt:

As Royal Roads University celebrates its 25th birthday this year, it continues to count on its flexible structure to offer programs addressing global issues that seem to be arriving at an ever-increasing pace.

President Philip Steenkamp says of the university’s beginnings: “The amazing thing about it, in a sense, is that it anticipated the future.”


“The question for us now in our 25th year is what do we want to be when we turn 50 in another 25 years’ time,” Steenkamp said.

Issues to address include “tectonic changes in the workplace as a result of the digital transformation that’s occurring,” Steenkamp said. “With the rise of artificial intelligence, the gig economy, automation.”

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