Royal Roads honours retired general Walt Natynczyk

Michael Reid

Gen. (Ret’d) Walt Natynczyk’s conversation about leadership with Hon. Mary Collins at the June 17 Reconnect event was featured by the Victoria Times Colonist.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Natynczyk learned the fundamentals of military leadership there — “the idea of teach, coach and mentor” — and the importance of teamwork.

It also laid the groundwork for a process his mentor, former major general Clive Milner, would clarify years later.

“He said, ‘You select them, put them through the process and give them an opportunity to lead their brethren, their peers — and then you step back.’ ”

Another lesson “inculcated into us here” was that: “It’s not about you. … When you serve, you’re serving for the greater good, and it will not be met until everyone subordinates themselves to that higher need.”

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