Royal Roads participates in Tuktoyaktuk’s Science Day

Aaron Hemens

Royal Roads was one of several featured institutions and organizations at Tuktoyaktuk’s Science Day event August 1. The event aimed to draw more attention to the impacts that climate change is having on Northwest Territories and the region.

Here is an excerpt:

“We’re tired of being studied to death, so I figured that we do something in Tuk. Bring them up here where the action is – where it’s actually happening.” said Gruben [mayor of Tuktoyaktuk]. “Where it’s melting under our feet. Let them see what it is.”

By bringing all the researchers and their projects together under one roof, he said that he hopes that visitors become more aware of the stark issues plaguing the region.

“A lot of the people here at this event are from universities and governments around Canada. I’m hoping that they will bring back what they learned here,” he said. “Give them a few tours so that they can actually see what’s happening on the ground.”

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