Royal Roads student pens grizzly rebuttal

Grizzly Bear and two cubs, Knight Inlet, British Columbia, Canada

Bryce Casavant, Royal Roads Doctor of Social Sciences student and former BC conservation officer, made international headlines in 2015 for refusing to kill two black bear cubs. Last week, he published an opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun to rebut what he calls “factually incorrect assertions to support the continuance of grizzly bear hunting.” His article was in response to a piece published earlier that week in which the author argued the government-imposed ban was populist.

Here is an excerpt:

“The B.C. Auditor-General never stated that hunting was not a threat to grizzly bear sustainability. Although the AG recognized that habitat loss was the most critical factor affecting grizzly bear populations, in no way is that meant to infer that hunting grizzly bears is a sustainable practice. To infer such a contention is to gravely misrepresent the findings of the review. Overall, the Auditor-General found that serious improvements to grizzly bear management were required.”

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