RRU student project maps soil contaminants

A Goldstream News Gazette article on May 6 showcased Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science students, Shawna Cheyne, Michael Rae and James Heron, and their Healing City Soils project.

The Healing City Soils project is a partnership between Royal Roads University, the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre and DIY Fungi with funding from the City of Victoria and the Victoria Foundation. The project will create a virtual soil map of Victoria to raise awareness about areas with potential soil contamination in order to help show residents where it’s safe to grow food.

Here is an excerpt:

“We’re determining possible heavy metal contamination, “said Shawna Cheyne, adding that the group is focusing on lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. “Those are the ones most harmful to humans.”

“I’m so excited, I’m such a soil nerd, “says Compost Education Centre Executive Director Marika Smith. “People sort of forget about the soil…You need to grow your soil before you grow your food.”

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