Wonder and wisdom in a children’s forest nature program

Louise Zimanyi

RRU Doctor of Social Sciences candidate Louise Zimanyi’s article about the Willows forest nature program at Humber College she co-piloted was recently published by The Sector.

Here is an excerpt:

I teach in Humber’s Early Childhood Education program and co-piloted the Willows program in June 2016 after completing a forest nature school practitioner’s course with Kaitlin Beard, a registered early childhood educator at the Humber Child Development Centre.

Forest nature programs are about giving children more daily and direct sensory experience of the natural world. This is at a time when more people are living in cities, there are fewer green spaces and families are spending more time indoors and on screens.

Children in forest nature programs experience the tremendous social, emotional and physical benefits of playing outdoors. Being outside in nature is good for mental health, improves mood and lessens anxiety. In our program, children play in the Humber Arboretum two or more days a week. The children also play and learn indoors and on a natural playground.

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