Yemen faces humanitarian crisis

Terry Moore
Prof. Ken Christie discusses the latest developments as Saudi-led airstrikes continue.

As Saudi-led airstrikes continue in Yemen, School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Ken Christie discusses the growing humanitarian crises in Yemen with C-FAX host Terry Moore. The UN has said the majority of people being killed (more than 600 to date) are civilians, blaming both the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi rebels. There have been reports the Houthi rebels are drawing some support from Iran.

"The United States is backing the Yemen government and the Saudis, and they’re also trying to do a deal with Iran," Moore says. “Are we talking about a conflict of interest here?” 

“I think there is a bit of a conflict of interest,” says Christie. “It looks like a new international war by proxy to some extent, where you have other groups fighting on your behalf…. What’s happening is we’re seeing these tribal tensions mixed in with ethnic tensions mixed in with political tensions in Yemen.”

Listen to the full interview at 5:40.