"Don't Stop" campaign taps marketplace realities, puts lifelong learning first

C Riggins

Royal Roads University has launched a new campaign that encourages students to become lifelong learners – a concept RRU strongly heralds as key to life and career success, and one that is particularly relevant given today’s workplace realities. Focusing on the value of learning how to learn, the “Don’t Stop” campaign aims to inspire everyone to keep moving forward in all aspects of their lives, whether through a formal education, in the workplace, or even an inspiring encounter.

“With today’s quickly evolving career landscape, students need to develop a mindset that allows them to adapt and change very quickly – they need to become life-learners,” said Catherine Riggins, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Alumni Relations. “Our new "Don’t Stop" campaign is rooted in Royal Roads' strong desire to equip today’s students for a lifetime of learning – a lifetime where they don’t stop learning, succeeding and contributing to the world around them.”

Working with Will Creative, RRU’s four week “Don’t Stop” campaign makes clever use of print, digital, and out-of-home media – including transforming a transit shelter in Vancouver into a community book share, showing the ability to grow and inspire change in oneself can be as simple as opening up a book. The signage explains: “Don’t stop finding inspiration. Take a book or leave a book. Or both.” (Click here to watch the inspiring video.)

Another execution at the Vancouver International Airport saw a “Don’t Stop” mural created with over 1,400 sticky notes. People were asked to share the things that they hope to keep doing throughout their lives – highlighting the importance of lifelong commitment to personal, professional, and community growth. (Click here to watch the mural video.)

To further the “Don’t Stop” message, the stories of eight accomplished alumni are featured throughout the campaign – these are alumni who continue to better themselves and impact the world in exceptional ways.

“Students are in need of fluid knowledge that can adapt and change into the future, as they pursue multiple career paths throughout their lives,” said Lisa Lebedovich, Creative Director at Will Creative. “This is what Royal Roads offers, and what our campaign builds on: encouraging people to continually question, discover, evolve and explore, as they keep pushing forward in all areas of their lives.”

The “Don’t Stop” campaign’s message was underpinned by RRU’s Career Confidence Survey – a national poll of more than 1,000 employed Canadians (conducted by Ipsos). Notably, the survey confirmed 87 per cent of Canadians agree that life-learning is crucial to career success, further bolstering the campaign’s relevance.

Veritas provided public relations support to the campaign, with Cossette Media acting as the media buying agency.

"As an academic institution, we recognize that learning can come from anywhere — such as a book found at a transit stop. The key is learning how to be a life-learner…and then don’t stop,” said Riggins. “We feel our experiential and collaborative approach to education uniquely sets up students for a lifetime of success, no matter what stage of life they are in. With the "Don’t Stop" campaign, we’re encouraging individuals to keep moving forward in their career, and in life.”