17 new resources for team development


Team assessments were the focus of a workshop provided by Dr. Tom O’Neill, a leading expert on team development, and founder of the Individual and Team Performance Lab (ITP), University of Calgary. Tom, along with one of his co-creators, Nicole Larson, and supported by CTET and team coaches Trish Dyck and Michael Pardy, provided hands-on instruction and guidance on team assessments at the workshop hosted by TeamsWork in late January. 

Participants wanted more and requested additional resources to support team learning in their classrooms. Tom and Nicole have graciously provided not only one, but seventeen resources, outlines, PowerPoints, templates and more. You will find them divided into five categories: Guidelines and Overviews of Assessment; Interpersonal and Conflict Management; Team Contracts; SUIT Training; and notes from the workshop Shift and Share Sessions. ITP Metrics Assessment Overview is a good place to start.  It provides you with an overview of what ITP Metrics assessments can do for you to support student team development.

If you missed the workshop you can view the Livestream recording.

For additional information, questions, comments, or support with implementing ITP Metrics tools and assessments into your classroom, please contact Trish Dyck.