2014 Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award


Established in 2005, the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes a RRU faculty or associate faculty member who is deemed, primarily through student evaluations, to be representative of outstanding teachers, and someone who makes a positive contribution to the overall health and culture of the university.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Doug Hamilton has been selected to receive this year's Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award.

As the program head for the MA in Educational Leadership and Management International, Doug impressed the selection committee with his commitment to real time, meaningful feedback; his strong capacity to extend learning opportunities for both himself and his students to enhance the learning community; and his ability to embrace, encourage and celebrate diversity in his classes. 

We look forward to presenting the award to Doug at the Employee Service Celebration on November 27. The committee would also like to acknowledge all 10 Kelly Award nominees for their superb contributions to teaching at RRU. Members of the committee carefully reviewed all submissions and, without exception, were very impressed with the quality, depth and passionate commitment to teaching evident within each of the nominees’ materials, making the task of the committee very challenging.

Many thanks to Mickie Noble, Geoff Bird, Marie Graf, Zhenyi Li, David Stevenson, and Murray Langdon for serving on this year’s Selection Committee.

Steve Grundy
VP Academic and Provost