2015 Christmas adopt-a-family initiative

2015 Christmas adopt-a-family initiative

December is here and Christmas is near, which means it's once again time to turn our attention to helping those less fortunate over the festive season.  Patti Walsh and I will be organizing our annual Adopt-a-Family again and we thank you for any and all support for the project.  The deadline to drop off items is Dec 21.  Our objective is to provide gifts, dinner fixings, and necessities that will make the holidays a little bit happier for several families.

We have the family wish lists and information noted below. 

*Please don't let the large wish list of the boys in family #1 put you off.  They, like other kids their age, love and hope for video games and electronics but they don't expect to get pricy gifts for Christmas.  Local teachers referred all of these in need families to us (they each have a story) and many of the items listed for the boys in family #1 are definitely blue sky.  There are also items that are more modest, practical and inexpensive.

Contributions will be collected at the Recreation Centre and should be dropped off at the reception desk.

Please contact Shelley at ext 4119 or Patti at ext 2700 if you have any questions.

Family 1

Boy 7:

  • About/Likes: Minecraft, Minions, Video games, Science experiments, Books about facts and joke books (advance reader) Favorite colour: Golden
  • Wish list: Minecraft Story mode for PC, Skateboard, Scooter, Lego (Minecraft), Marble track game, 3d Magic Marker, Easy Animation Studio, Nerf Gun, Bean Bag Chair
  • Could use: Shoes Size: 2.5 slippers, cozy robe, socks/underwear (size 7)

Boy 10:

  • About/Likes: Minions, Minecraft, Joke and Jedi academy books, music, soccer/sporty, building things/working with tools, Electronics. Favorite Colours: Blue, purple, black.
  • Wish list: Skateboard, Xbox gold membership, Nerf gun, Super Mario Party 10 (WiiU), Splatoon (Wiiu), Mario Maker (Wiiu), Drone/remote control plane, Rubix Cube mini, Hexbug Infinity Loop, Robot Building kit.
  • Could use: Pants (size 10), Waterproof winter coat, Shoes size: 7, Slippers

Boy 11

  • About/likes: League of Legends, Zelda, Pokemon,  Science Kits, building things, Music(Owl City, Walk Off the Earth, Sia, Adele) , Favorite Colours: black, white, bright green, pink
  • Wish list: Sketch Book/good sketching/colouring pencils, Zelda Triforce Hero's (3DS), Zelda Winwaker HD (Wiiu), Rocket League (PC), Undertale(PC), Rubix Cube, Raspberry Pi Building kit, Drawing tablet
  • Books: Anne Frank’s Diary, Self Help, The Amazing Book, In Real Life, I Hate My Selfie, A Work in Progress, Girl Online
  • Could use: Waterproof Winter Jacket, Shoes Size 7, Underwear (boxer briefs size 10), Slippers, Pants Size 10

Boy 18:

  • About/likes: Very interested in computer/programming/game design (intending to go to college in fall for programming degree) Anime, Japanese Culture, Sushi, 
  • Wish list: Comfortable Office Chair on rollers or Gaming Chair like the DX Racer (Green), 2TB Hard drive, Logitech HD pro Webcam, Astro ASO Headset, Fallout 4(PC), Black ops 3 (PC), Witcher 3 (PC), Logitec Orion spark keyboard
  • Books: The Pragmatic Programmer, Challenges for Game Designers: Non Digital exercises for Video game Designers, The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses
  • Could use: Dress Shirts 2xl, Dress Pants (Size 52x32), Shoes: size 11, Slippers, Swim trunks/goggles


  • About: Returning to school to finish Architectural engineering degree/Autocad drafting, enjoy music (classic rock to classical) Writing, reading, gardening and hiking/nature(photography). Favorite Colours are Jewel tone rich deep reds and greens.
  • Wish list:  Penningtons or other plus size clothing gift card, Dremel/Rotary tool, saws all, circular saw blades
  • Books: Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014, Auto Cad 2014 , Bronte, Fitzgerald, Tennyson, Oscar Wild. Orwell, Classics, sci fi.
  • Places they shop: Superstore, Walmart, Rona, Canadian Tire, Best Buy
  • For the younger boys a visit to Wild Play would be a real treat.


Family 2

Girl 8:

  • Really would like a “Spy Kit” wears size 9-10
  • Dream gift: Catty Noir Monster High doll.


  • Likes cooking and would love a new frying pan, or anything to do with cooking
  • Wears size large shirt, likes books (vampires)
  • Dream gift: juicer


Family 3

Boy, 18 (with special needs):

  • Loves drawing, Size men’s medium for t-shirts, Skater style clothes, Likes Music – itunes gift cards, Axe brand toiletries, PS3 gift card, Likes the Canucks, Ball hats, Socks and underwear, any toiletries.

 Girl, 13:

  • Makeup (lip products), eye makeup remover, long sleeve flannel shirts from Ardene (size M), short sleeve shirts and leggings from Ardene (size M), art supplies (markers, pencils, pens), inspirational signs or posters for bedroom walls, books (any graphic novels, Shadow Falls series – book 1 and/or 2), fabric layered stickers, chocolate, cute ‘girl’ things – jewelry, accessories.


  • Gift Cards – Winners, The Bay, Michael’s, Scarves, Jewelry (silver) Socks, Winter hats, Hair clips and elastics. Shops at Sally’s for beauty products (Millstream village) Likes ‘wireworks’ crafts (buy at Michaels?)


  • Size Large men’s, 32 pants, youthful style for dressing, Gillette razors, any toiletries for men, Winter gloves, Scarves, golf pass, golf balls, Bowling, Mini golf

Happy Ho Ho

Shelley & Patti

Photo credit: Dianne Lacourciere, CC2.0