Academic Structural Redesign: Due March 1


Weigh in on academic structural redesign – deadline: March 1st. 

We have asked the RRU Community to weigh in on Academic Structural Redesign, requesting your feedback by Sunday, March 1st.

Background: Conversations have been taking place since 2018 around the organization of the academic side of the university (the VPA portfolio), with questions around whether our current organization truly meets our present needs, let alone the needs and challenges of the future. Concerns around sustainability (human & financial), integrity, credibility, equity, and empowerment are driving the desire for change in structures and practices that together free us up to create, innovate, and maximize our potential while solidly grounded in our mission.

These previous discussions informed the working organizational designs that are posted on the Academic Structural Redesign Moodle site. The designs are necessarily incomplete and require your feedback and input to flesh out.

Find the Working Designs posted in the Discussion Forum, one per discussion topic.

We have provided additional options to solicit your feedback:

1. Post directly to the Discussion Forum (non-anonymous, i.e. your name will be on the post)
2. Send an anonymous response to us using the Moodle Feedback Tool (viewable only by the Academic Redesign Group)
3. Use Padlet to engage in a threaded discussion viewable by the community (posts can be either anonymous or named)

Thank you!
Your Academic Structural Redesign Team
(Jaigris Hodson, Jennifer Walinga, Rob Mittelman, and Isabel Cordua-von Specht)