Accessibility assessment: June 26 to August 1


The Rick Hansen Foundation will undertake an accessibility assessment at Royal Roads University to evaluate the accessibility of campus buildings and grounds. The purpose of the assessment is to provide the university with an understanding of the current level of meaningful access and learn about ways to improve accessibility on campus which will help the university improve its ability to accommodate people with varying disabilities affecting mobility, vision and hearing.

The proposed assessment will assess all buildings on campus, as well as the Gardens and Charlie’s Trail. The assessments are scheduled every Tuesday and Wednesday between June 26 and August 1. Occupants in each building will be notified prior to the assessment to inform them the time that the Rick Hansen Foundation Assessors will be inside the building and what to expect. We anticipate minimal disruption to everyday activities as each assessment should take no more than two hours to complete.

The anticipated scope of the assessment will evaluate the accessibility of:

  • Parking

  • Exterior approach and entrance

  • Interior circulation (i.e., doors and doorways, corridors and hallways, ramps, elevators, stairways)

  • Interior services and environment (i.e., lobby, reception desks, meeting rooms, kitchen areas)

  • Sanitary facilities

  • Signage, wayfinding and communications

  • Emergency systems

  • Additional use of space

Once the assessments are complete, Royal Roads will be given a rating score on the level of accessibility offered, as well as recommendations on how to improve.
Any questions or concerns related to the proposed assessment can be directed towards Roberto Melfi.
Further information on the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Program can be found online.
Thank you for your cooperation in this very important initiative at Royal Roads University.

Photo Credit: Rick Hansen Foundation 2018