Advancing gender, justice and reconciliation


Two faculty members, and two current students in the MA-Leadership program recently facilitated workshops as part of the “Women and Power: Leadership for Transformation and Possibility” conference at St. Ann’s Academy (October 12 to 14, 2018).

Dr. Kathy Bishop facilitated a workshop titled, “Within the spectrum of light and dark: Performing leadership as women.”

Engaging in embodied ways of doing and being through various theatrical activities, participants co-created space to explore, discover, and play with the notion of performing leadership (the power, possibilities and transformation). After considering the spectrum of light and dark - where all belongs – the ensemble devised a short performance.

Dr. Catherine Etmanski, together with MA-Leadership Students, Marcia Dawson and Christine Webster, facilitated a workshop titled, “Narrative Métissage: Weaving stories of gender justice and reconciliation.”

They taught participants about, Narrative Métissage, a creative method that invites people to write their own stories of gender justice and reconciliation and then interweaves these stories with others. In so doing, it acknowledges both the individual and the collective and supports the complex and often messy unfolding of our shared humanity.

For more information, please visit the conference website.