Alice MacGillivray interviewed by APQC

Alice MacGillivray interviewed by APQC

Alice MacGillivray has worked in the field of knowledge managment for almost 20 years. She rarely uses the term as there are so many misconceptions. "To describe it briefly, I would say it is strategic work 'to support learning' or 'to treat knowledge as a key asset' in organizations and communities.

The APQC is known for benchmarking in knowledge management and other fields. "Back when there was an Advisory Board providing input to Royal Roads Knowledge Management programs, we regularly referenced APQC work." Since then, Alice has gone on to complete a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems in which she studied ways in which leaders understand and work with boundaries.  Some theorists consider boundaries the central concept in systems thinking.

APQC personnel have recently interviewed Alice about the importance of boundaries in knowledge work, and Part I of the interview is now posted on their blog.  Boundaries may be the most important concept in systems and complexity thinking, yet we rarely explore that topic in leadership development, knowledge management or learning in complex environments.  One of the responses Alice gives to a question about IT and boundaries references The Studio on campus.