From the Archives: A Dunsmuir family portrait

1897 Dunsmuir children McCann Collection RRU Archives

As an addendum to the mini-bios of the Dunsmuir family highlighted on Crossroads (SarahKathleenDola), here's a portrait of the children from 1897. Of James and Laura's eight children, all but the youngest appear in this photo. From oldest to youngest, with birth year, the Dunsmuir children were: Robin (1877), Sarah (1878), Bessie (1882), May (1884), Elinor (1887), Marion (1888), Kathleen (1891), James Jr. (1894). The baby of the family, Dola Frances, was born in 1903. The eldest three were married by the time their parents built Hatley, but the five younger siblings lived on the estate that is now our campus. 

Caroline Posynick
RRU Archivist
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