From the Archives: P3 as the Parade Square

1987-88 Parade RRMC RRU Archives

Can you image Parking Lot 3, the lot below Hatley Castle, as a parade square? In reality, there are actually many people in our community who can't believe the special place is being used as a parking lot!  From the 1940s through '90s, Royal Roads Military College cadets held their parades and drill classes there and were not allowed to tread on the pavement under any other circumstances. Ex-cadets who have visited the RRU Archives have mentioned how strange it is to park there now, even though it has not been used as a parade ground for nearly 20 years. One ex-cadet said he had to take a photo of his parked car and post it on Facebook, tagging classmates from his year, and jokingly added he hoped that he wasn't going to be disciplined for such an act. 

  Cadets on drill square with rifles 1940s Woodley RRMC RRU Archives 

Parade square from the Castle Hall RRMC RRU Archives

Do you have memories of P3 as a parade ground? Were you here when Royal Roads Military College became Royal Roads University, and did you witness this transition (word is it wasn't easy)? If so, please consider sending an email, calling, or dropping by the archives office in the library so we can record your story. 

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RRU Archivist
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