BAPCs celebrate completion of their program


Last week, BAPC On-Campus cohorts, led by Program Representative Danalen Navarrete, organized a BAPC Send Off Celebration Event in the Castle Drawing Room.  All of the students attended as well as some faculty and staff.  It was an uplifting, fun event and a wonderful way to keep the bond among the cohort strong as they transition from student to alumni.

Danalen Navarrete, BAPC program representative, has done a great job of coordinating events and activities to connect all BAPC On-Campus students to each other.  With the support, leadership and direction of the BAPC program team (Chase, Louise, Glendora and Dan Anthon), the individual faculty and instructors who have given their time and expertise (and countless hours/late nights marking assignments) and the hard work of the students themselves, Danalen shared the BAPC program has become known campus wide for being “open, friendly, fun and professional.”

Check out all of the fun from the event's photo booth.

SCC Director Dr. Julia Jahansoozi has said that the friends made in a cohort setting will be friends and colleagues for many years down the road, no matter where career and life paths lead them – and listening and watching these students interact during the celebration, we know this will be the case for many of them.

Two students are going to law school next year; some are talking further education; a few have solid job or job leads; and others are looking for careers in the field of communications.  We are certain they will all be successful because of the education they received in the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication program.  

Congratulations to the Fall 2016 BAPC On-campus cohort on completing your program!