BCOM: a creative shift to a virtual residency

Bachelor of Commerce program: BCOM Virtual Residency

Life dot changing indeed!

The recent emergence of COVID-19 has rattled everyone, everywhere. Royal Roads was no exception. In mid-March, faculty, staff and students got an exercise in resilience. Courses that had been running face-to-face, including intensive on-campus residencies, quickly jumped back to the drawing board to keep programs on track. Amongst faculty affected were Lee Sentes and Rita Egizii, associate faculty in the School of Business, who were faced with shifting an on-campus Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management residency to online delivery. Together they had to quickly adapt, demonstrating resilience, agility and a big dose of creativity. Their experience provides us with many lessons learned and shows us that in times of crisis we can learn to pivot our ideas and put agile entrepreneurship into practice.

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