Beaver and Chandran awarded 2019 SCC Awards


Congratulations to Dwayne Beaver and Raaj Chandran, recipients of the School of Communication and Culture (SCC) 2019 Outstanding Associate Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. Dwayne received the SCC Award for Outstanding Teaching Excellence for his commitment to teaching in the BA Professional Communication (BAPC) program. Dwayne has been teaching Multimedia Storytelling with BAPC students for a number of years, and he also teaches the Media Prodcution course offered in the MA program. Raaj is the recipient of the School’s Associate Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence in our MA programs. Both Dwayne and Raaj are currently teaching in the MA Professional Communication second residency. Please join us in congratulating Dwayne and Raaj on receiving these awards. Thank you Dwayne and Raaj for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our students! 

Pictured: Geo Takach and Dwayne Beaver