Beaver pens Canadian opera


School of Communication and Culture associate faculty member Dwayne Beaver has a one-act opera being performed in Winnipeg, Dec. 1, 2 and 3.The Little Opera Company will be performing Merry Christmas Stephen Leacock which is about the Canadian literary icon attempting to write a Christmas story in the middle of WWI despite feeling uninspired and downright cynical, when he‘s visited by a desperate Father Time and a shell-shocked, half-drunk Father Christmas who only seem to make matters worse. Beaver adapted the piece from a Leacock essay, working with librettists Pamela Post and Rachel Landrecht along with composer Neil Weisensel. Merry Christmas Stephen Leacock deals with themes of despair, resilience and our moral obligation to maintain hope under the most dire of circumstances. Discussions are underway to remount the piece next year in Orillia, Ontario, the home of Leacock for the essay’s 100th anniversary. 

Tickets and info are at Little Opera website.