Bernard Schissel's new criminology textbook


RRU professor and head of the Doctor of Social Sciences program, Bernard Schissel, and Carolyn Brooks from the University of Saskatchewan have published a new edition of their book entitled Marginality and Condemnation:  An Introduction to Critical Criminology with Fernwood Publishing.

This well-received criminology textbook, now in its third edition, argues that crime must be understood as both a social and a political phenomenon. Using this lens, Marginality and Condemnation contends that what is defined as criminal, how we respond to “crime” and why individuals behave in anti-social ways are often the result of individual and systemic social inequalities and disparities in power. 

The cover art is by a young street person in Saskatoon who is a member of SCYAP, an art program that meets the social, educational, and economic needs of at-risk youth.