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RRU Staff

Community Relations and Advancement is pleased to share with you Royal Roads’ new staff and faculty website, Crossroads. This new channel puts the power of storytelling and engagement more fully in the hands of those who have the most to share about the vibrancy and relevance of our university community - you. Designed for staff and faculty, a combination of public and private content allows us to share the news that matters with our own networks, while ensuring that we maintain an appropriate private channel.

This website was a collective effort, with nearly 300 staff and faculty consulted prior to the design phase of the project. A renaming contest brought forward ideas from 45 people. By the end of it 292 of your colleagues voted, with 47 per cent of the votes for Crossroads.

The site is updated daily and we encourage you to check in often.

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Crossroads content is sorted as either news (displayed on the main landing page) or events (found in the events calendar and highlighted in the upcoming events block on the main landing page). Content is further categorized as public or private.

  • Public content - Much of the content on Crossroads is open to the public (so you won’t have to log in to read it).
  • Private content – Some content is for RRU employees only. Log in to see this content, and all of the public content at the same time.

Start sharing

Posting your news or events to Crossroads is easy. Using the gearbox in the top right hand corner of the page, select “Post something” and then choose either a news item or an event. Follow the instructions within the submission form and click save when you are ready to submit. Your post will be moderated through Community Relations and Advancement and added to the site within one business day.

New features

  • Choose whether your post is for RRU audiences only or open to the general public.
  • Use the built in spell check tool
  • Embed video in your posts

Make Crossroads your homepage

With daily updates, the easiest way to ensure you get the news you need is to make Crossroads your web browser's default homepage. This is an easy, one-time action. For instructions on how to set your homepage, click one the link for your preferred web browser.

Make logging in easier

We recommend staff and faculty log in each time you visit Crossroads to ensure you see all of the content posted. The first time you visit the page and enter your user name and password, the site will ask if you would like it to remember your information. If you agree, you won't need to retype your information each time you visit.

What happens to Roadspiel?

The Roadspiel website will remain accessible until early 2014 however no new posts will be accepted there after Dec. 4, 2013. If you have content you would like saved, we encourage you to copy it from the site and save it to your own records. We are also looking at archiving options for the content. Campus will be notified before the site is officially decommissioned.

Learn more

Royal Roads University staff and faculty can contact Amy Dove in Community Relations and Advancement at amy.dove@royalroads.ca or ext. 4793.