Beverage containers become scholarships @ RRU


This is the third article in a series meant to introduce you to the various categories that we will use to sort our waste here at RRU. So, what are refundables?

Anybody that’s ever been on a bottle drive or returned empties for a refund knows all about refundables.

The refundables category encompasses all containers of ready-to-drink beverages including all of the bottled drinks available in the Habitat café – fruit juices, pop, water, iced tea, sport drinks, beer, wine, coolers and spirit containers.

Here at RRU, the proceeds from all of the refundable containers that are collected and returned go into the Pop Bottle Fund. This fund is managed by the Custodial and Housekeeping staff and has sponsored a number of sustainability initiatives on the RRU, including an annual scholarship and the new Habitat Recycling Station.

Every can and bottle that you recycle helps RRU to move towards improved environmental responsibility, so feel good about recycling your beverage containers!

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