Bike to Work Week team challenge

Bike to Work Week: Team Challenge

This year, Bike to Work Week goes from May 30 - June 5. Join the RRU Roadies and contribute your commuting distance to our combined totals.  RRU competes with work places across the CRD, so the more of us who ride the better we look!

Signing up is as easy as emailing and typing 'sign me up!' in the subject line.

But if being part of one big happy university-wide team is too… friendly for you, you are invited to also form a team of co-workers or classmates and challenge other RRU teams to out-commute you.  If competition motivates you, the RRU BTWW organizing team is ready to help with that.

Team Challenge guidelines:

  • 2-5 riders per team, with a team lead
  • Teams can be made up of staff, faculty and/or students
  • Team members must be from the same unit (ie. Program or Department)
  • More than one team can come out of the same unit
  • Challenge other units to register a team.  Teams are highly encouraged to challenge each other and lay their own side bets (eg. Team with lowest mileage buys a round of drinks at the 6 Mile?)

How it works:

Create your team and email with:

  • The word 'team' in the subject line
  • Name of the team
  • Names of the team's members and the team lead
  • During Bike to Work Week, each team member tracks their own daily riding distance in the distance tracking form.
  • Updates on the teams’ relative performance will be posted during the week
  • At the end of the week each team’s mileage will be added up and divided by the number of members. The winning team will the team with the highest average biking distance.


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