B.J. Eib retiring


A tribute to B.J. from a colleague:

As word of B.J.'s retirement permeates through the RRU grapevine I keep hearing sentiments such as 'I am really going to miss B.J.' and 'the place will not be the same without her'. For the past 11 years B.J. has been a rock that we have relied on for creativity, innovation and problem solving all carried out with the patience of a saint.

Upon commencement at RRU B.J. was assigned the tourism department to support with regards to on line learning needs. And against all  odds . . . she stayed. Not only did she embrace the challenge but she transformed Brian White from 'Moodle? Isn't that a swimming aid?' To an on line superstar posting videos onto his course sites, adding in entertaining stories to create wonderfully engaging material.

I on the other hand am a self-aware and totally content dinosaur, B.J. would not only help me understand terms such as wikis, widgets, padlets foxfire etc but would also, over a pint, help me delegate anything to do with such alien concepts to an unsuspecting colleague. I am REALLY going to miss our chats, my workload could escalate horribly.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that it is with mixed emotions that I wish B.J. all the very best in her retirement.