Book: Design to Engage

Beth Cougler Blom
Design to Engage book cover

Beth Cougler Blom recently published her first book entitled Design to Engage: How to Create and Facilitate a Great Learning Experience for Any Group. It's an easy-to-read "how to" resource for anyone who has ever stood up in front of a group to try to help them learn something but was never formally trained in how to do it.

Cougler Blom spent several years as an instructional designer with Royal Roads' Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies, often facilitating faculty development courses such as the Instructional Skills Workshop, and still regularly offers courses through RRU Professional & Continuing Studies. For the last ten years she has also worked with clients across all sectors to help them design and facilitate learning experiences, both face-to-face and online, through her own business.

"It's very common, understandably, for people to be hired to teach a course because they're an expert in their field," says Cougler Blom. "And if they haven't also received training in how to teach effectively, the next thing they usually want to do is try to fill that gap. That's why I wrote this book."

Design to Engage is practical, accessible and jam-packed with tools to support people to create impactful learning experiences. It has been written for a broad audience of facilitators, from post-secondary and community organizations to corporate and government environments. Although Cougler Blom wrote the book about in-person facilitation, she says much of what it covers can be applied to facilitating online as well. She says, "The more we can learn how to intentionally design for engagement in any mode -face-to-face or online - the more we'll be able to create environments that actually work for learners."

Design to Engage is now being sold via worldwide online retailers and through