Bring research methods to life with SAGE


Do your students have questions about conducting research or research methodologies? SAGE Research Methods Videos can help you bring the research process to life! Videos provide easy to understand information on research methodologies and conducting research in specific disciplines. They include tutorials, interviews, definitions and case studies created by researchers and teachers from leading research institutions.

It’s easy to add an entire video or video clip to your Moodle course:

  1. Find Sage Research Methods from the ‘Research Databases’ tab --> ‘S’ of the Library homepage.
  2. Create a SAGE account
  3. Search for videos by method, discipline or video type (e.g. tutorial, interview, case study).
  4. Choose a video, then save a clip or the entire video to your list
  5. Click “Embed” to add the video to Moodle by copying the code below into the HTML editor on the page.

Need help? RRU Librarians are happy to assist. Ask us here.