Business Technology Certificate graduates

Tess Wixted
Celebrating the success of Business Technology Certificate graduates in Continuing Studies.

Continuing Studies' Business Technology Certificate, funded by the government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Job Fund, is finishing up its third successful year. Six cohorts, nearly 72 students, have stepped with courage (and some trepidation) into the RRU computer lab to immerse themselves in all things MS Office and beyond. All have emerged with skill sets that have helped launch them with confidence and practical 21st century skills back into the world of work.

Dan Doherty, RRU Associate Faculty and lead facilitator for the Business Technology Certificate, has written about the program and its students in our blog.

Dan observes "The secret sauce [of the program] has two primary ingredients: 1) a facilitated community cohort model and 2) a focus on self-managed learning. People enter this program with a wide range of background skills and knowledge about computers, from neophytes to skilled users, for whom the technology has evolved greatly since their last use of it. Learners take responsibility for catching up on the basics or on forging out into advanced concepts, whichever meets their needs."

Continuing Studies congratulates all our Business Technology Certificate graduates!

Read more about the program at our blog.