CAM well represented at ADRiA symposium

Eva, Kat and Allison at ADRIA

For two days in May ADRiA gather ADR professionals at the Lister Center, University of Alberta, in Edmonton for a working symposium entitled "Shaping the Future of ADR in Alberta".  Both the audience and speakers included numerous connections to the School of Humanitarian Studies and specifically the Conflict Analysis and Management (CAMP) programs!

Have a look!

  • John Radford (Associate Faculty) hosted a session on "Identity: Following the Inner Track to Resolving Conflict Impasse"
  • Gordon Sloan (former Associate Faculty) facilitated an environmental scan "Where are we""
  • Jeannine Harlton (alumna) hosted a panel, including John Radford, discussin opportunities for aspiring practitioners
  • Eva Malisius (Associate Professor) hosted a session entitled "It's Not Over When It's Done: Bringing People Together After an ADR Process"
  • Winston Blake (alumnus) presented on his work related to "Working with Youth"
  • Cheryl Picard (SHS advisory council) presented on "Insight Mediation"
  • Eva hosted another session on "Framing an ADR Mandate: distinguishing between expectations and outcomes"

The audience included CAM alumni from almost every year of the twenty years that the program has been offered! Including an alumnus from the very first offering and an alumna that returned to RRU for her doctoral studies! And some current students - which you can see in the picture with Eva.

Speaking of CAM's 20 year anniversay... have you seen our commemorative pin yet? John put his on right away and proudly wore it during his ADRIA presentations. And... word got around and everyone wanted one of those pins! If you are a CAM alumni or former/current Associate Faculty or have the supported the program's success in some way - contact us to get your pin!