Campus closure? Here’s how you’ll know


It’s that time of year—the possibility of snow or severe storms on South Vancouver Island.

How you'll know campus is closed

If the decision is made to close the campus due to safety concerns on (and immediately leading to) the campus, there are several ways Communications will inform the Royal Roads community:

  • Email: all employees and on-campus students (including students staying in residence) will receive an email bulletin with closure information
  • Website and Crossroads: a news item will be posted on the Royal Roads website and on Crossroads
  • Social media: messages will be posted on the university Twitter account, Facebook page and the Royal Roads University Alerts Facebook group
  • Phone message: the main phone line will have a recorded voicemail message
  • Radio: local radio stations will be notified of the closure
  • Reader board: Campus Services will update the main digital reader board at the front entrance to campus (if there is power)

Whenever possible, the campus community will be notified of a closure by 7:30 a.m. The same channels will be used to communicate when the campus reopens.

What to do if it’s too slippery to get up the hill

In the event of heavy snow or ice, it may be difficult to make it up the University Drive hill to get back to Sooke Road. Communications to the campus and broader community will include instructions about the safest way to exit the campus. Based on prior years’ experiences, it may be prudent to depart through Belmont Park. This map of the campus and local community shows a possible route if such a closure is required.