Campus progress


University Drive roadwork

The excavation work along University Drive is now complete. The detour to P3, the Boathouse, and Sneq’ wa e’lun (Blue Heron House) is no longer in place and major disruptions to traffic are finished. There will be minor disruptions for the remainder of the summer as we complete this phase of the project. Advance notice of this work will be posted in future Crossroads campus progress reports.

Safety first!

All staff, students and visitors to campus are reminded to obey the posted speed limits and watch for flag people who may be directing traffic.

Safe driving on campus is essential to everyone’s wellbeing.

West Campus deferred maintenance

Construction on the Learning Teaching Auditorium (LTA) continues. There will be an increase in activity surrounding the LTA next week and larger vehicles will be on campus. Flaggers will be in place to assist with traffic flow. For the safety of all campus users, the speed limit on West Campus Road has been decreased to 10km and signs have been posted indicating where construction vehicles will be turning. Please be mindful of flaggers and drive safely.

Parking infrastructure

Parking below P7 adjacent to the Sherman Jen Building is complete. Twenty stalls have been added below P7 to compliment the addition of seven stalls in upper P7, for a total of 133 spots available to users. This includes including two accessible spots and two EV charging stations.

On the west side of Sherman Jen, four EV parking spots and two accessible spots are also available to campus users. 

Internet service upgrade

The internet service was successfully upgraded to increase capacity during the scheduled maintenance window on July 16. A fix was applied on July 18 to address the issue that some users were unable to access Royal Roads websites and applications. IT Services is pleased to report the stabilization of the upgraded internet service is complete.