Campus progress update


Deferred maintenance roadwork

To improve campus safety, we are refreshing the line painting on various roads throughout campus. This work will progress, weather permitting, over the next few months and is expected to be complete by end of December. Safety around this work will be managed by flaggers, and in order to minimize impact on the campus, this work will be done both in the daytime and at night.

South campus

Campus services upgrades adjacent to the Boathouse and Sneq’wa e’lun are finishing today! We appreciate all the support from the campus users through the first phase of these upgrades to power, data, water, drainage and lighting.

Learning and Teaching Auditorium and West Campus horizontal infrastructure upgrades

A number of construction activities continue in the West Campus area.


Construction vehicles continue to travel along West Campus Road carrying heavy loads, so please be safe and obey the 10 km speed limit. Traffic management will be assisted by flaggers as needed. 

This week the steel work was delivered to the site and the service road was completed through to West College Drive. When opened, this road will provide safer access to the site.

Data Services

Blue Heron was successfully migrated to the new network last week. Gatehouse is scheduled for migration this week.

Cabling work in the Nixon building will commence the week of Nov 12, 2019.   

Safety first

All staff, students and visitors to campus are reminded to obey the posted speed limits and watch for flag people directing traffic.

Safe driving on campus is essential to everyone.