Campus progress update


University Drive Roadwork

Upgrades to campus services continues. Work moves north on University Drive next week, from the three-way stop at University and College Drive to the Grant building. Flaggers will manage single lane traffic along this section between 7 a.m. and 4 p. m.

The detour to P3 and the Boathouse will continue via the West Campus Road. Flaggers will be in place to assist with traffic flow.

Safety first

In anticipation of the number of exciting events happening next week, we have a management plan in relation to the higher than normal traffic flow and pedestrian traffic expected on campus, both in the core and west Campus, as upgrades to campus services continue on University Drive and in the west campus.

All staff, students and visitors to campus are reminded to obey the posted speed limits and watch for flag people who may be directing traffic.

Safe driving on campus is essential to everyone’s wellbeing.

West Campus Deferred Maintenance

The connection between the Learning Teaching Auditorium and the Recreation Centre came down earlier this week. As the demolition phase nears completion, construction activity will increase. For the safety of all campus users, road signs will be posted next week to reduce the speed limit on West Campus Road to 10 km, reminding drivers to slow down and to watch for construction vehicles turning.

Parking Infrastructure

Parking below P7 adjacent to the Sherman Jen Building is complete and open. An additional 20 stalls have been added below P7 to compliment the addition of seven stalls in P7, for a total of 133 spots available to users. On the west side of the Sherman Jen building, the EV charging stations have been in operation for three weeks. There are four accessible spots available as well, two in the west parking area and two in the main P7 lot.

Data Services

The IT Network Upgrade project has been upgrading the wired and WiFi on campus network for the past year. When complete, the upgrade will see a new and redundant network across campus with increased functionality, speed and stability. To date, the following buildings have been upgraded to the new network: Sherman Jen (SJB), Library, Boathouse, Grant and Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC). The Network Upgrade project will continue to engage key stakeholders to schedule the remainder of the campus buildings for migration over the remainder of fiscal 19/20. The sequencing of the remaining buildings is under joint review between the Network Upgrade project team and the Campus Space Planning committee. 

The buildings under consideration for migration in the next two quarters are Residence 3, Commandants (27), Vice Commandants (28), CEDAR (along with Residence 16), Blue Heron (along with Residence 14), Arbutus 7a/7b (along with Gatehouse, Residence 10 and Residence 12), Millward and Nixon. The proposed schedule will be communicated in the next couple of weeks. Furthermore, IT Services is also upgrading the capacity of Royal Roads' internet service in July 2019. Please stay tuned for further updates.