Campus progress update

Campus progress update

University Drive roadwork: thank you

Thank you for your patience over the past months! The last of the paving work that started in January at the top of campus is now complete. Although minor work continues at the south end of campus, we do not anticipate any significant traffic disruptions along University Drive moving forward. We appreciate the support of all campus users as we continue to improve core campus services (data, power, water, drainage and lighting).

Upcoming campus power outage

Building on improvements started in 2017, Royal Roads is moving forward with further upgrades to campus electrical systems. We originally anticipated a series of four power outages to undertake this work; however, the project team has been able to focus requirements into just two outages. Working carefully with key campus stakeholders, Saturday, September 7 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. has been confirmed for the last outage required to complete current upgrades.

We will be notifying campus users through Crossroads of how you can help and what you should expect in anticipation of the outage closer to the date. Stay tuned!

Learning and Teaching Auditorium and West Campus infrastructure upgrades

Activity in the west campus continues with work on the LTA primarily focused on the southeast corner of the building and surrounding area. During this time there may be some minor traffic disruptions. Flaggers will be in place to manage traffic flow as work moves forward. For the safety of all campus users, the speed on West Campus Road has been decreased to 10 km and signs have been posted.

Additional parking capacity

Parking below P7 adjacent to the Sherman Jen Building is complete. An additional 20 stalls have been added below P7 to compliment the addition of seven stalls in upper P7, for a total of 133 spots available to users, including two accessible spots and two EV charging stations.

On the west side of Sherman Jen, four EV parking spots and two accessible spots are also available to campus users.

Safety first

All staff, students and visitors to campus are reminded to obey the posted speed limits and watch for flag people who may be directing traffic.

Safe driving on campus is essential to everyone’s well-being.