Can you win March's Moodle Trivia Challenge?


The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies' Moodle to the Max Project continues into March with a trivia challenge. Core faculty, associate faculty and staff are invited to participate in CTET's March Moodle to the Max Trivia Challenge for the chance win a gift card to Habitat Café.

To participate, answer all the questions in this quiz correctly (hint: visit the Moodle to the Max Project page to find the answers). One winner will be drawn at the end of March. This invitation is open to core faculty, associate faculty, and staff (CTET staff are not eligible).

Moodle to the Max is a year-long project aimed at inspiring Royal Roads core and associate faculty to build innovative teaching practices by expanding their adoption, knowledge and usage of Moodle. From April 2018 to March 2019, we are featuring and promoting a different Moodle activity every two months. We have featured Moodle Choice, Moodle Lesson, Moodle Feedback, My Media, Moodle Glossary, and, in February and March, we are featuring Moodle Quiz, an engaging and flexible learning activity, able to support diverse learning needs and does so much more than what is captured in its name. Quiz helps enhance student-to-instructor interaction and student-to-content interaction while maintaining a focus on cognitive and meta-cognitive processes, not mere interactivity. To learn more about these tools and how they support innovative teaching, visit the Moodle to the Max Project Page. Please contact CTET Studio if you have any trouble accessing the page.