Canadian Blood Services Campus Coffee


Thanks for stopping by the Canadian Blood Services table at Campus Coffee on Thursday, May 7th.

Everyone who completed a quiz was eligible for the prize draw.  There were 10 winners out of 25 participants.  The winners are:

Kristin Amadu -  water bottle
Maureen Campbell -  soup thermos
Lina Guo -  water bottle
James Hood -  water bottle
Yvonnne Muirheadvert -  water bottle
Candace Perkins -  pen
Karla Shearer -  pen
Lindsay Ternowski -  pen
Rhonda White -  pen
Sharon Zubrinick -  water bottle

Did you know that Royal Roads is a Partner for Life with Canadian Blood Services?  That means that we’ve consciously agreed to work with CBS to increase blood donations for the good of our town, our city, our province and our country.  We have set a goal of 50 units for the year.  As of May 7th, we have collected 11.  There’s room for improvement!  You can help.

How can we reach that goal?  Each person can donate every 56 days…  so, 6 times a year.  We only need 9 people to donate every 56 days to exceed our goal.  Or 50 people ONE time each in the calendar year. 

Wondering where to donate?  Find a clinic (hours/locations) near you online here:  Just complete postal code and date range and you’re on your way. 

There are several ways to book an appointment:

Call            1-888-2-DONATE
APP           GiveBlood

Wondering if you’re eligible?

Not eligible?  Don’t worry!  Even if you’re not able to donate, you have equitable access to the lifesaving products delivered by CBS.

Have you heard about OneMatch Stem Cell registration (eligible 17-35 years)?  This matches YOUR specific stem cells to those of another.  YOU can save that one person’s life whereas millions of other people cannot.  This is not organ donation!  Just blood donation!  Check this out for more information:

Are you interested in following CBS on Twitter?  ITSINYOUTOGIVE

You have so much power running through your veins right now.  You can save lives!  Please consider donating blood at the next clinic near RRU.  It’s on June 15th and it’s at the Church of the Advent up on Sooke Road, less than 1KM from here.   It’s just a phone call away.  1.888.236.6283.

Thank you,

Cecilia David/Jeannie Drew - co-chair