Cardboard Days in STUDIO

Try out Virtual Reality at the CTET STUDIO

“You open your eyes, and you’re standing in the middle of the street in Tokyo. Click: You’re on 7th Avenue, in New York City. Click, click, click, and you’re traveling around the world at warp speed. It all sounds a little Magic School Bus-y when you read about it, but that’s the thing about virtual reality: Once you try it, you get it."  - Pierce, D. (2015, May 28). Google Cardboard is VR's Gateway Drug. Retrieved June 22, 2015. 


CTET STUDIO is experimenting with a low-cost virtual reality platform that we recently learned about at the spring ETUG (Educational Technology Users Group) Conference.  We are having fun experimenting with it - learning how it works, exploring the photospheres created by others and creating some of our own. 

Do you have 15 minutes between meetings? Come ‘get it’ in STUDIO (LIC 004) on Cardboard Days, every Wednesday in July from 12:30 to 1:30 PM. Pick it up, view different 'realities', imagine its potential and perhaps take one home.  Bring your smartphone – and if you want to be really prepared, install the following apps before you come to STUDIO:

Android Users

iPhone users

Can’t make it at on a Wednesday at that time?  No worries! Drop in when you can and someone will point you to the information and instructions, or visit the Google Cardboard site to learn how to get the viewer and download photosphere apps.