CEWIL National Student of the Year


Congratulations to MAIIC student Avie Olarte, recipient of a CEWIL National Student of the Year, WIL, University Level Award, as well as an honourable mention for the ACE-WIL-BC Student of the Year Award!

Avie was recognized for her remarkable work-integrated learning experience as an intern with HERE Magazine. As Avie pursued knowledge and insight during her internship search, by building networks and conducting information interviews, she shared her experiences and new information with her fellow students along the way. Her entire cohort and other international students at RRU benefited from her energy and pursuit of the Canadian work experience.

Formerly a journalist, Avie advanced her academic understanding of intercultural and international communications at RRU, before taking on the internship role with HERE Magazine – from where she launched several ideas into workshops, events and stories. The quality of Avie’s work that is most prevalent is a magnetism that results in optimizing participation rates and bringing unique talents together. She has had a key role in organizing and promoting events that brought the newcomer-immigrant and Indigenous communities together like the Better Together Gala and the Welcome Day Celebration. She is committed to creating spaces for storytelling and decolonizing community engagement practices for newcomers. Everything that Avie pursues is in the spirit of advancing opportunities for others, be they newcomers to Canada, the Indigenous community, fellow students and the academic community.