Changes to password management

Changes to password management

What: Change in how our system manages passwords

When: Monday, January 18

How you are affected:

These are the new rules – you may or not notice that they’ve changed, depending on your current habits relating to passwords:

  1. Your new password must be at least 9 characters in length (instead of the current 6).  We suggest using a number of words together or a short sentence like IWillBeTall or TodayWillBeAGoodDay.
  2. You cannot use any of the passwords you used the last 5 times
  3. You may only change your password once per day

See here if you require help changing your password or creating a strong password.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know via:

  • the Get Help form
  • the Contact Us form
  • phone at 1.250.391.2659 or 1-866-808-5429 (North America only)
  • visit us in Cedar 110

Thank you!

Cecelia David for IT-Services