Changing the conversation: A virtual commons


Dr. Ann Dale is delighted to announce the launch of Changing our Conversation.

Changing the Conversation is being launched and led by the following collaborative: Community Research ConnectionsCanada Council on Social Development,1125@CarletonNature Canada, and Sustainability Solutions Group.

The vision of this group is to change the conversation and increase civic literacy by developing a new collaboratory model, both place-based and virtual, to convene diverse sectors and groups of citizens in creative and evidence-based environments. This space will provide the opportunity to rethink and reframe current problems and challenges relevant and of priority to Canadian communities, and co-create innovative and scalable solutions. Reframing the issues is critically important to the identification of novel solutions and social innovations

The design was done by RRU student Celia Winters. Dr. Dale would like to commend the team on this project; Rob Newell, Chris Strashok and particularly Celia for her brilliant design.