Christie at populism conference

RRU Staff
Ken Christie

At the end of August, Master of Arts in Human Security and Peacebuilding Program Head Ken Christie joined over 1,000 political scientists from around the world at the American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. This year’s conference topic was populism and privilege.

“I’m very interested in the whole theme of populism because it’s become such an important issue, not only in the West but also in Asia and Latin America,” says Christie.

Over the course of the multi-day conference, participants had a choice of a broad series of panels, including on the emergence and future of populism.

“I’ve been doing a lot of work on refugees and migration issues. I don’t see those issues as necessarily separate from populism,” says Christie. “Populism to some extent has been driven by the question of refugees and immigrants. For instance, Brexit is based on the fact that a lot of British people and some political parties don’t want immigrants into their society anymore.”

While in Washington, Christie also attended the mini-conference, “Political Science Education in the Time of Resurgent Populism and Privilege.” The full-day event equipped faculty with new techniques and resources for teaching and enhancing the role of teaching in the discipline of political science.