Christie presents keynote address in Istanbul

RRU Staff

School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Ken Christie presented the keynote address, The politics of fear and the rise of populism: What hope for human security? at the 8th Istanbul Human Security Conference Oct. 17. Christie also chaired a panel on Gender, Civil Society and Displacement.

Keynote: The politics of fear and the rise of populism: What hope for human security?

Abstract: We are living in an age of insecurity. Political violence, resource depletion and economic instability are only a few of the challenges facing the planet in the post-Cold War era. Nearly 900 million people live in absolute poverty while another 663 million are without access to drinking water. Over 16,000 children die each day from pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria. Millions of people are fleeing conflict and violence, crossing borders with many dying in the effort. Globalization has brought new technology that beams human insecurity into our living rooms. The continuous coverage of victims of war and humanitarian disaster allows for us to immediately assess human crisis, and yet understanding why millions of people face such appalling struggles is complex and requires a serious study of vulnerable and marginalized populations like migrants, refugees and the displaced. In this keynote address, the focus is on increasing challenges to the human security argument that people need freedom from fear and freedom from want.

I argue that populism, anti-immigration and xenophobia amongst others have become common staples in the politics of fear and threaten vulnerable individuals and communities. Practical human security solutions must be adapted and developed to deal with these challenges.

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