CIS presents Productive Margins - May 19

Productive Margins - May 19

The College of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone, the Vancouver Island Community Research Alliance (VICRA) and Community Based Research Canada are pleased to welcome two UK social innovation leaders, Brendan Tate and Greg Bond, for a morning session on Thursday, May 19 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Mews Ballroom. The session is titled:

Productive Margins: Conducting Community-Led Research and Innovative Social Enterprise in Partnership with the University of Bristol

There is no charge for this event but please register here before May 19. This event will also be available on Livestream - no registration required for those joining us online.

Tate is the director of operations at Coexist CIC (Community Interest Company) in Bristol and Bond is a filmmaker and University of Bristol PhD student-in-residence at Coexist. Both are affiliated with Coexist’s community-led regeneration project, Hamilton House – a social hub actively engaged in educating, art-making, community health & wellness and  resiliency-building while developing itself using a business model.

For the past six years, Tate has been involved in launching this resilient and sustainable social enterprise in support of the local marginalized community while Bond primarily researches the effects of this project on liberating and disrupting space from everyday hierarchies and the homogenizing effects of urban sprawl using film, sensory ethnography and haptic (touch-based) inquiry. Both Tate and Bond are lead collaborators on the Productive Margins Research Programme funded through the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities Program.

This presentation will include an overview of their work and an opportunity for discussion and dialogue about their processes for social enterprise development and public engagement when university-community partnerships embrace diverse perspectives to design and deliver research and to productively innovate together. There will be time for Q & A and discussion to follow the presentation. Refreshments will be served.

Please contact Cindy Brar at 250-391-2609 for more information.