Come and knock on our (virtual) door!


The Computer Services and Helpdesk team is the front door into IT Services for most IT related requests. Combined, our team members have 112 years of service to Royal Roads!

The first of several very helpful people you will meet here are Twila Pedersen, Douglas Brown and Zac MacDonald on the Helpdesk. Their goal is to solve your problem and get you on your way as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If that cannot happen, then most often, your request will be referred to other very helpful people named Jeremy Fuller, Gen Hasegawa and Tom Gaunt.  They are the people most likely to come visit you with a computer or to come sort out a printer/copier problem.

Less visible to you is Mark Isaak, who takes the lead on desktop support, working to keep our software up to date and constantly improving how we manage our fleet of equipment, and Stephanie Nicholson, who is tasked with corralling our software licenses and being the administrative glue in IT Services.

The goal of our unit is simple – to provide computers, printers, copiers, software and most importantly, the technical support that keeps it all running, so that you can be fabulous in your role at RRU. 

We welcome your requests in several ways:  via our online system from the Computer Services website, by email to, by phone at 2659 or in person in Cedar 110.  We hope to "see" you soon and often!

Cecilia David is the Manager of Computer Services & Helpdesk in IT Services.  She has been a programmer and an instructor and has worked in customer/computer service for as long as she can remember.  In a previous life, she travelled from her home in Newfoundland to Boston, Chicago, Australia and New Zealand to market software packages she’d written.  While in Australia, she played the Didgeridoo in a night club.  (She did not play well and has not been asked back).