Coming Together; Flattening the Curve

Coming Together _photo by Perry Grone _Unsplash

This crisis is a crisis, but it is also an invitation to come together, to avoid the panic and self-interested stockpiling, and instead work together to support each other.

The message below was shared with me via social media and I am sharing it here with you. I invite yuou to consider whether there is something you can do - to institute and strengthen chains of support and compassion. This could include reaching out in our neighbourhoods with messages such as the one below. It could include bagging up food and cleaning supplies and sharing those through agencies who work directly with those marginalized by lack of shelter and poverty. It could include reaching out to health care and elder care workers who are stretched to see if they need some additional support - emotional or practical. It could include offering to develop webinars to engage school children, or elders, or any of us in thoughtful, fun, creative opportunities to learn and connect. Let's get creatively compassionate.

This is a moment in which shock and panic can inspire anti-social behaviors or pro-social behaviors. Let's use this crisis as an invitation to be the best of who we can be as humans, as neighbours, as a society. With this public health emergency we get to practice what we need most as a world if we are to not only effectively respond to the pandemic, but to the future shocks and disruption of climate change.

Mesage shared through social media:

"Hey Neighbour!

We (NAMES) live at ADDRESS, in case we haven’t met yet.

We are watching the news about COVID19 and have been thinking about mutual aid & the ways we can directly support & care for the people we live near.

If in the future you need to self isolate, and need non-emergency help, such as (but not limited to) grocery/prescription delivery, walking your dog – please reach out to Phone Number or Email.

If you are healthy and want to also offer help to our neighbours, please let us know."

Let’s come together in solidarity,