In common: Socks and computer cables


You probably have never given this a single thought and to be honest, I can't blame you, but as I was lamenting the ongoing loss of many computer cables (particularly charge cables / power cords), I suddenly realized that these cords are like socks. You put them somewhere (socks in a drawer, charge cables in an office) and for some unknown reason, they go missing.

Iif you happen to be in possession of power cords and/or charge cables but you have no computers, ipads, monitors, cell phones etc. to which they belong, we would very much appreciate it if you would send those cords to Computer Services via internal mail. 

Why? Because we are obligated to return cables with end-of-lease computing equipment.  When we don't have the originals, we have to buy new cables to send back with old equipment and that seems wrong.

Thanks in advance for having a look around your area and returning these lost items!

- Cecelia David for Computer Services

 Photo credit: Emilian Robert Vicol / Creative Commons