Communication Matters - June 8 at 12:30pm


“Post-truth” was the Oxford Dictionary’s “word of the year” in 2016, and an idea which has illuminated strange and startling trends in public discourse recently. As defined by The Economist post-truth means “assertions that ‘feel true’ but that have no basis in fact.” Post-truth has surfaced in public debate relating to climate change and public health, but most notoriously in politics. Hence the title of The Economist editorial from September 2016 that is the premise for this panel: “Post-truth politics.”

Join panellists Nigel Hannaford, a long-time newspaper executive, writer, and commentator, and former manager of speechwriting in the Prime Minister’s Office, and Robert Remington, veteran journalist and author, as they speak to post-truth and its significance to public discourse and politics.

This event is hosted by the School of Communication and Culture and the school’s Dr. David Black will be moderator. All are welcome to attend on June 8 from 12:30pm-1:00pm in The Centre for Dialogue or via the livestream for the event. A copy of The Economist editorial will be circulated at the event for everyone’s reference, and the panellists will be asked to address it in their brief remarks. Time for questions will be provided after the panellists have spoken.