Communications and Advancement update

L-R: Doug Ozeroff, Felix Gao, Catherine Riggins, Jordan Kummerfield, Madeleine Dahl, Vivianne Jefferis, Yvette Guigueno, Karen McKeown, Megan Catalano, Nancy Wilkin, Apurba Joshi, Hayley Bennett, Katharine Harrold (missing: Sophie Cote, Cindy Goodman, Jean Macgregor).

As announced in my August 14 message to the Royal Roads community, recent changes to the Communications and Advancement portfolio allow us to strengthen our capacity to enhance the university’s relevance and reputation.

A notable structural change is the reorganization of communications and alumni relations functions as distinct, yet highly integrated units. Recognizing the integral role of alumni as ambassadors of a Royal Roads University education, Pedro Márquez and I have collaborated on the creation of the role of Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Alumni Relations. We are delighted that Catherine Riggins will assume this role, with a dual reporting relationship to Pedro and me.

In a new role as Alumni Relations Manager, Karen McKeown will work closely with Catherine and school directors to further alumni activity and increase engagement with both domestic and international alumni.

The communications team will see the addition of a Director, Communications and Community Relations. This role will be posted in the coming weeks.

I hope this at-a-glance reference to our people, their roles and contact information will be useful as we move forward with an enhanced ability to increase integration and strengthen capacity.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about the work of Communications and Advancement.

Communications and Advancement Department

Office of the Vice-President

Katharine Harrold, Vice-President, Communications and Advancement
HC 201 | 250.391.2563

Sophie Cote, Executive Assistant
HC 207 | 250.391.2600 ext. 4483

Alumni Relations

Catherine Riggins, Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Alumni Relations
Mews 110B | 250.391.2600 ext. 4339

Karen McKeown, Alumni Relations Manager
HC 402 | 250.391.2507

Felix Gao, International Projects Coordinator - 75th Anniversary
HC 400 | 250.391.2600 ext. 4378


Doug Ozeroff, Senior Manager, Communications
HC 401 | 250.391.2526

Jean Macgregor, Communications Officer
HC 406 | 250.391.2600 ext. 4793

Megan Catalano, Communications Officer
HC 403 | 250.391.2600 ext. 4326

Madeleine Dahl, Communications Assistant
HC 400 | 250.391.2600 ext. 4536


Yvette Guigueno, Advancement Manager
HC 305 | 250.391.2562

Hayley Bennett, Development & Communications Coordinator
HC 322 | 250.391.2561


Vivianne Jefferis, Operations Manager
HC 322 | 250.391.2560

Cindy Goodman, Senior Alumni Associate
HC 313 | 250.391.2551

Apurba Joshi, Advancement Associate
HC 313 | 250.391.2600 ext. 4840

Office of Sustainability

Nancy Wilkin, Director, Office of Sustainability
Millward 212 | 250.391.2600 ext.4852

Jordan Kummerfield, Research Assistant
Millward 212 | 250.391.2600 ext. 4512