The Community Service Leadership Program

Robust deciduous tree with long branches against a forest back drop

The Student Services is happy to announce the re-launch of the Community Service Leadership Program (CSLP) in a virtual setting.

CSLP is a great opportunity for students to involve themselves in volunteering activities. CSLP provides opportunities for students to give back to the community while helping them to gain valuable life skills and helps link their personal, professional, and educational experience at Royal Roads University.

CSLP is now open for the entire student community to join. After students sign up, they are enrolled in the CSLP online hub in Moodle, where they can start participating in different virtual volunteering activities.  We will also begin re-introducing in-person volunteer opportunities when it is safe to do so.

The transition of the program from highly engaging, in-field, physical volunteering to virtual volunteering opportunities in a virtual platform is a prominent change for the program. This step will serve towards CSLP’s long term goal of building a strong platform to connect students with sustainable volunteering opportunities for social change within the community and to build a proper network of volunteer programs that support student’s professional development, learning and networking opportunities. The new Moodle space is built up and designed to be a stable platform in the long run that can be used by students to access all the information and opportunities of CSLP under one hat.

Do you have ideas or connections to volunteer opportunities? Reach out by email and let us know.

Are you a student looking to get involved, to join CSLP or for further information, email us